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My name is Derrick Schmidt, I am the founder and president of DSA, and I would like to welcome you to my company and the service we provide.

At DSA we specialize in Cessna Citation aircraft, with over 20 years with Cessna Aircraft Co., there is no one more capable or qualified to meet your needs as a Citation aircraft owner.

I have grown passionate about these aircraft and the people that own and operate them and I started this company with the premise that you the customer could benefit from my technical training and aviation background following a dedicated career with Cessna.

With seven years as an A&P mechanic with the Cessna Citation Service center located at the factory in Wichita Ks, six years as a corporate pilot in Cessna’s in-house Air Transportation Department and 15 years flying as a Production Test Pilot as a senior pilot on the Citation X and the 650, there is simply no one in the business better equipped to meet your needs.

At DSA we offer a full line of aviation services that can be tailored to meet your specific needs as an aircraft owner.

We offer a full brokerage service, where we will find the perfect aircraft for you and your family, or your business needs, complete with a market analysis, technical review, contract review and inspection/acceptance services. We also offer a limited service that consists of performing an acceptance and evaluation flight prior to closing on an aircraft that you have already located and entered into a contract to purchase, or we can tailor a level of service that is specific to your purchase plan.

We offer a comprehensive aircraft management service that includes maintenance tracking, bill auditing and on site basic to light maintenance requirements to ensure you are able to fully enjoy the pleasures and conveniences of owning and operating your own private jet.

We offer mentor flying services for owner operators who have just completed their initial type rating and are required to fly with a more seasoned pilot for insurance purposes. With my test pilot background I can finish your training where your type rating course left off, giving you the confidence and ability to operate your aircraft anywhere.

I have sought out highly talented professionals to join me in my business. These are people that I have known for a long time and have been impressed with who they are, what they represent and stand for, and who have the same ethical and customer focused standards that I believe in.

Please take a moment and review the biographies on my team and the expanded sections for each of the service we provide. I am confident that we can meet your specific needs as you plan your next aircraft purchase or support any of your Cessna Citation ownership needs.

Thank you, and welcome to DSA.


Derrick Schmidt, President

Derrick Schmidt is the founder and president of DSA.

Derrick began DSA in 2010 following a distinguished career at Cessna with an extensive background that spans over 21 years. Derrick identified a customer need within the Citation community in which he felt that the owners and operators could benefit from his extensive experience and expertise, while he continued to work with the aircraft and people that he developed a passion for.

Derrick founded DSA on the premise that the industry and people could benefit from a dedicated professional consultant with his very specific qualifications and training, and through his background and expertise he could best represent both the customer and Cessna as he continued to build lifelong partnerships through a commitment to excellence.

Derrick began his career with Wichita Citation Service Center following his graduation from Colorado Aerotech as an A&P mechanic in 1989 where he spent the following seven years as an A&P on the Citation line of aircraft.

Derrick began flying in 1989 upon graduation from Colorado Aerotech and received his first Citation type rating in 1992 followed quickly by a single pilot type rating in 1993, and his ATP rating in 1996. Derrick now holds type ratings in the following aircraft: C500, C510s, C525s, C560XL, C650, C680, and C750. Derrick has over 10,000 hours total with over 8500 in Citation aircraft.

Derrick flew for just over six years as a corporate pilot with the Cessna Air Transportation Department and has over 15 years as a test pilot flying the Citation aircraft. As a test pilot he evaluated aircraft through all phases of pre-delivery from the initial flight phases where he evaluated and tested every system and flight profile envelope of the aircraft as it moved through first flight to delivery phase inspections and evaluations. He was the Senior Production Test Pilot and Product Specialist on the C650 and the C750 and is a current member of the Society of Experimental Test Pilots Association.

Derrick brings over 27 years of experience within the Citation family of aircraft to his business. His background as a Citation test pilot evaluating aircraft against production standards, engineering data collection flights, FAA audit flights and performing customer deliveries provides a technical foundation that is further enhanced by his time and experience as a Cessna Citation Service Center A&P mechanic and is the cornerstone of success for his business.

Derrick’s unique background in the Citation jet aircraft family is unmatched. Derrick’s commitment to excellence, attention to even the finest of details, and customer focused approach is extended to each and every customer throughout every phase of their specific requirements.

David Ellingson, Vice President of Operations

David joins DSA following his retirement from the Air Force with 30 years of service that spans aircraft maintenance, aviation, government contracts and leadership at an operational command level.

David has a very diverse background in both aircraft maintenance and as a pilot. His maintenance background includes avionics equipment calibration in a precision measurement calibration lab and aircraft weapons system maintenance. David also served as the Chief of Quality Assurance developing inspection phase criteria and evaluating maintenance processes and procedures ensuring all maintenance activities were completed to technical and procedural standards.

As a military pilot David was an instructor in the KC-135 flying global missions in cargo, humanitarian relief, medical evacuation, operational alert and combat support missions. David also flew program test flights gathering engineering data and conducted operational test and evaluation flights supporting a major fleet upgrade to the avionics, navigation and RADAR systems for the KC-135.

David served the last 11 years of his military career in D.C. on the protection and air defense of the National Capital Region following the attacks on 9/11. David served as the Chief of Maintenance and the Director of Operations while standing up a brand new squadron under the NORAD mission of Integrated Air Defense of the National Capital Region. David ultimately was selected as the Commander to lead the USAF organization providing support to the Ground Based Air Defense role at the Joint Air Defense Operations Center. David moved on to his second command tour on the same mission leading an organization at the National Capital Region Coordination Center, a multi-service and government agency tasked with coordinating the safety, security, protection and air defense of the National Capital Region. David served on the Inter-Agency Airspace Protection Working Group evaluating and defining concerns and threats at all levels to the National Capital Region.

David flew as a test pilot for Cessna in the Production Flight Test department evaluating Citation aircraft through all production phases from the initial flight where he tested every system and flight profile envelope of the aircraft to delivery phase inspections and final evaluations. David has also flown FAA audit flights, engineering data collection flights and pre-delivery flights for both military contracts and civilian customers.

David’s military and civilian background in both aircraft maintenance and aviation is highlighted by his flight test experience in both engineering data collection and operational test and evaluation for the military and Cessna Citation, providing a foundation unparalleled in this market.

Patrick O'Brien, Director of Sales

Patrick O’Brien joins DSA with an extensive background in business aviation and expertise in aircraft brokerage and sales. With a strong business foundation, his market analysis, sales forecasting, trend analysis, and contract and legal perspective is the backbone of the acquisition and sales division for DSA.

Patrick is a versatile sales professional with a strong technical background complimented by his experience in market analysis in both the aviation and financial sectors. This in addition to being a flight instructor (CFII, MEI) and ATP rated pilot, Patrick’s breadth of knowledge, experience and capability ensures each of DSA’s clients have access to in-depth evaluations, analysis and a detailed composite landscape of the micro and macro business jet markets.

Patrick consultants for EAN Aviation, where he was responsible for developing the aircraft brokerage organization with founding partners of Orion Jet Center in Miami, Florida. He began his career in the very light jet “VLJ” sector as a sale representative for Eclipse Aviation, Inc. selling the Eclipse 500 jet globally from 2006 through 2009 and again from 2012 till 2014. With the experience and perspective of OEMs, aircraft dealers and brokers, Patrick has held senior positions as a Director and Vice President of FBO and sales organizations from across the United States: New Mexico, California, Minnesota, Illinois and Florida. In such capacity he was responsible for both the inventorying and transactional side of countless aircraft deals totaling over a quarter billion dollars.

Continuing education has been a pillar of Patrick’s career. He holds multiple degrees with a BS in Aviation Human Factors from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Executive MBA from Lewis University and Management Certificate from the University of Chicago. Patrick has leveraged his management and technical capabilities to implement cutting edge IT solutions to enhance process and procedures for the sales team and management at all levels. Patrick’s unrelenting drive for improving data quality and work efficiency propels organizational enhancements and a superior client experience.

Patrick’s robust background in sales, technical acumen, eye for market analysis, and customer focus ensures each of his clients receives the personal attention required to achieve their objective whether it be purchasing, selling, trading or simply evaluating their options.


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