Derrick Schmidt Aviation Services


Whether you need short-term or long-term service, we can provide crew support for any Citation model. We are typed in all Citation models from the Mustang to the Citation X.

New Aircraft Acceptance

This is one big area of expertise for us. If you are purchasing a new Citation, we can help the delivery go smoothly. We have delivered hundreds of Citations to customers from all over the world. We can take you through the entire process, step by step, so that nothing is overlooked and all your interests are protected.

Used Aircraft Acceptance

Whether you need representation as a seller or a buyer, our knowledge of all models from the Citation 500's up through the Citation 750, will provide you with assurance that your interests and investments are protected.  With both A&P and test pilot backgrounds, we are able to identify any issue that may cost you time and money. Aircraft airworthiness is vital to the process and we are tops in making sure that each squawk is legitimate and fixed properly.

Pilot Mentoring

If you currently are a qualified pilot and are just entering the Citation family or purchasing a different Citation model, we can assist you with the transition. We will show you the unique operation of your model and help you become familiar with the new systems.

If you are transitioning into jet operations, your insurance company may require you to meet certain time requirements of supervised operational experience, or you may not feel comfortable flying single pilot into busy areas. In either case, we can assist you and help you develop the confidence needed. We understand all skill levels and will work with you to take you from your level of comfort all the way to the point where you are confident in your abilities.

Aircraft Management

As an owner you have made the decision to purchase a private jet based upon the conveniences and freedom it offers. Tracking maintenance and service requirements can be a challenging process that can detract from the pleasures of owning an aircraft. At DSA we have the capability to store and manage your aircraft for you. Leveraging my diverse background with Cessna Aircraft Co. we can manage all of your maintenance over-site and tracking needs to include line item auditing on each maintenance bill and provide trend monitoring to assist with evaluating any recurring maintenance issues. As an A&P with Cessna Service Center background and training, we can even perform light general maintenance on site at our own facility. We can manage, track and perform monthly data base update requirements, manage crew scheduling, shop for the cheapest fuel on your trip and have your aircraft prepped, fueled and cleaned, ready for your next trip.

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